#weed and me

I have never imbibed pot…I have imbibed pot.

Both can’t be true, unless you channel Presidential Logic…depends on what ‘is’ ‘is.’ I’ll get back to that at the end.   

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Of interest to me is an article at MEL magazine Why Some People Can’t Smoke Weed in which Tracy Moore waxes apoplectic about his search for the perfect high. That high would not have any side affects or ‘hangover.’ Just the high, and nothing but the high.  Unfortunately, he discovered in his early search that he got physically ill. He does provide significant column inches in explaining why he couldn’t have been ill. After all the legalization research proves that you can’t get ill, unless you are already ill. Later in his search, he collapsed onto his bed with an anxiety attack. He shows how this is blamed on his non-existent core anxiety.

It doesn’t seem much has changed, other than about 1/3 of the USA population can pot to their heart’s delight.

As for me? To make it short, pot was around and available in high school. Two things kept me from imbibing. First was that I was focussed on upping my game, scoring high grades and admission test scores.  If you read my blog, you know why. I was shaking the hometown dust off my shoes with my rolled up scholarship.  Observing the local potheads, it didn’t seem that they would be leaving soon after graduation, if they graduated. Decades later, with three degrees, I finally went to a Class Reunion. I couldn’t find any of the potheads who left home. Some were still living in their parent’s home.

That takes care of “I have never imbibed pot.” Now for “I have…” In college, it’s hard to say that I walked past 40 dorm rooms and never breathed in the fumes. Most nights, I was in the library as I had had only enough funds for four years, and thus 5, 6, 7, whatever years for a four year degree, plus gap years was not in the cards. What little cash I had didn’t seem to spread to getting high.

“I have…I think.” One late night after getting kicked out of the library, did you know that librarians have families and also have to sleep?, I was waylaid in the dorm’s entrance. To exhausted to for a polite “NO,” I had two gummy brownies shoved into my mouth. Before I fell asleep, I had stomach cramps, regurgitation, and the inability to clearly find the light switch. The next morning, on the way to the communal shower, I stepped over the partiers. Most passed out, except for the one who was faced into the corner giggling, and repeating “Marijuana Brownies.”