#Slush Pile

#goodtogo. Pulled the trigger. Stomped on the fire. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. Where’s the beef.
Sorry, a little fun. Made my #amediting  schedule of finishing edits of #scifi Matryoschka Sarah, the last set of 2974 line edits to work over. Today, I’m contributing to that phenomena of nature, the slush pile. Any agent who’s reading pile is below eye level, contact me.

29 September 2017 Update:
Nice note from Baen. Sorry, but does not meet our marketing.

15 September 2017 Update:
Decided that a look-see by a Psychologist-Editor would be appropriate. I write about people whom I’ve known. There, I’ve said it. The characters are composites, but largely based on someone I met decades ago.  Major re-work on the female protag in work. I’m bringing in the chief supporting character as a narrator.

23 August 2017 Update:
22 new rejections
Hired a WKE (well known editor) to edit my query, synopsis, and first pages manuscript. Ready for the next push, or is that pusch?

6 Nov 2016 Update.
2 rejections, one who closed to #queries before I was ready.  0-3-12, #life in the fast lane. Maybe I’ll vanity press my works like James #Joyce and smuggle them into #NYC.