Short Stories

My short stories form two Universes: Solipsism and Second Act.  

The Solipsism Universe follows the writer of the Universe, and his friends and frenemies. Sources of muses are exposed…yeah, right. It is an excuse to test out characters and plot devices while waiting for responses from editors on the novels.

The Second Act stories exploit the “Into the Woods” Broadway play and movie trope. Specifically, after the Happily Ever After, then what happens?
• Not just a Pretty Face is after a twin secretly replaces his twin brother in his marriage. The displaced brother finds himself stuck in a societal dead end, with no way to return to his former life. Warning, never screw the Forensic Accountant. She might get pissed.
• Corporate Secession Plan is after a CEO is displaced in a hostile takeover by his Executive Assistant. The former CEO learns humility and humanity and saves his enemy and his lost company.