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Call me a #hater

For decades, I can’t get the image of this clip out of my mind. #skype brings back thoughts of Video Hell back to #amwriting #novel

#amwriting Playlist, @huxleyrittman

A more kinetic playlist for writers. #amwriting playlist, keep below 85 dB if you’re writing or studying This one by the Huxley Rittman Band, @huxleyrittman currently playing in Nashville. Youtube

Your Computer Reads Your Doc

Your Computer Reads Your Doc

HEAR your Document Spoken Did you know how easy it is to have your computer read anything to you? This is known variously as #TTS, Text to Speech, or Speak. This has been a feature in Windows, all versions, for at least 15 years. … Click for more …



Here’s the offer. #retweet, and I’ll enter you into the drawing of 10 ebooks when I publish. Get someone to Like my FB page, Matryoschka Heritage, or subscribe at, you will also be entered. #new #email click to go to the web … Click for more …

#Matryoschka Girl in submittal

It occurred to me a little self-promotion wouldn’t be a bad thing. So all you #scifi #SFF #litagent here is the #query. ==== If they live separate lives, ALEX MONROE, 24, and SARAH MERK, 18, will die. To survive, they must live as one … Click for more …

#reboot #kickstart #scifi #novel

I posted the kick-start Unfortunately, it didn’t finish, and you have a short term opportunity to get on board with this ambitious book. Of course, each level of support brings more and more goodies. Here it is.

Bring The Fettered Flame to Print!

The first book in this series, The Banished Craft, by E.D.E. Bell was a surprise in the landscape of me-too urban/contemporary #fantasy. It plays back to classical high fantasy but with sensitivity to issues we face in the real world. Characters are well drawn, and … Click for more …