Schedule Social Media for your #wordpress (corrected)


Once you get a roll on writing content, more-or-less have tamed your website, and haven’t crashed anything, you start to think about that ‘publicity’ stuff. Many blogs on that, and if you contact me, I’ll set up a post pointing out the most useful. Here, I’m concentrating on one aspect.  

A great way to drive traffic to your website/blog is to crosspost to Social Media sites. If you add “Jetpack”, you will get links for each of the main social media sites. See the clipping above.

You may have noticed a series of twits from me. These are now deleted, but they proved that for someone in USA Central Time (and Latin American and Canadian equivalents),  the scheduled time is 11 hours in the future of the desired central time.  Check the clipping. Take the time you want to be seen, in USA CT, add 11 hours, then enter the time and date.  For example, for 3 PM CT, the ‘publish time’ is 2 AM the NEXT DAY.