#eclipse photos done right, at 25k feet

The best way, and the only way to ensure results is with a 400 mm lens, Ektrachrome film, while flying along the route of the eclipse. The plane I rented was a Boeing 717 (not a typo).  This is days late, due to rehosting Matryoschka Heritage. The plan was to prove my superior skills by publishing Before the official eclipse day.Okay, Okay. Maybe I should confess that this was in 1979. The airline, which went into receivership the same year, Aero-something, sold 100 seats. We flew over the clouds to get into the middle of the deepest part of the shadow, adding about 3 more minutes. on the right, note the ‘red’ of the sun’s corona peaking through the moon’s valleys.                            

No one screamed and ran out of the room!

In the @gullickwriter fiction workshop session at @WritersLeague #writingworkshop17 it was the turn for Matryoschka Daughters to be work shopped. Lots of hot tips on how to make it readable. Anticipate months of fun. And yes, an earlier version was so controversial that one workshopper claimed and boycotted the time it was up being work-shopped. No, I took nothing out. Just re-re-re-wrote it to avoid, hopefully, words that caused the outburst. enough about me :} @gullickwriter quotes: Both sides need an agenda. Should be in all dialog. Amp tension via haptic senses, short senses, find the one odd thing in the scene or person if you are stuck, stop, get out a clean sheet of paper and write 10 obstacles for your protag. Even silly ones work to unstick Find the emotion in every scene cheers!

about me

What would I do without a brag sheet, aka, About Me? I presumptuously write relationship novels and short stories that use Science Fiction tropes and memes, with a soupçon of literary fiction. I’ve had the good fortune to have had artists worldwide respond to the themes and characters of my excerpts. This one is from a Spanish Artist. I have had others from exotic locations such as Scotland, Anchorage, Brussels.