Novel Cycle

The cycle follows a small group of friends, Alex, Sarah, Katie, and Quentin, slammed together by an impossible threat, and the fight to survive. The cycle covers from ~220 BCE to 50 years into the future. Four novels complete the cycle.
Matryoschka Girl is about Alex and Sarah, who have to share a body as equal partners to survive.
Matryoschka Daughters is about the dead Alex’s daughters. Alexi, age ten, never knew her father. Sarah Beth, the monster created by Alex’s and Sarah’s deaths, struggles to fix what was set loose by them.
Matryoschka Heritage is about the struggles of Alexi and her homicidal friend, Cissy (daughter of Katie) to stop the ancient artificial intelligence their parents, grandparents, all the way to great-great-grandparents set loose in the world.
Matryoschka Time is about how the fix in ‘Heritage’ stripped earth’s defenses set up two millennia ago. Katie and her still homicidal daughter, Cissy, show how sometimes, the simple ways are best.
I’m querying agents on the first novel, Matryoschka Girl, which has had detailed critiques in Critique Circle, and elsewhere, editorial assessment, development edit, and beta reviews.