No one screamed and ran out of the room!

In the @gullickwriter fiction workshop session at @WritersLeague #writingworkshop17 it was the turn for Matryoschka Daughters to be work shopped. Lots of hot tips on how to make it readable. Anticipate months of fun. And yes, an earlier version was so controversial that one workshopper claimed and boycotted the time it was up being work-shopped. No, I took nothing out. Just re-re-re-wrote it to avoid, hopefully, words that caused the outburst.

enough about me :}

@gullickwriter quotes:

  • Both sides need an agenda. Should be in all dialog.
  • Amp tension via haptic senses, short senses, find the one odd thing in the scene or person
  • if you are stuck, stop, get out a clean sheet of paper and write 10 obstacles for your protag. Even silly ones work to unstick
  • Find the emotion in every scene