Sarah Beth Merk, aka “fleshthing”

Sarah Beth MerkSarah Beth Merk, female protagonist of the Quantum Meadowlark SciFi Romance Series.

Eighteen, arrived early for the fall college semester.  She was attacked and left for dead within hours of arriving in town. Her only way to survive is for a suicidal veteran to take care of her.

Several Fiction Writers joined a Character Interview:

I am eighteen, just arrived at college. I came three months early to lock in an apartment at summer rates and get a job to fill in the money gaps. Before I unpacked at the apartment, I decided that I was hungry and went grocery shopping. I was intercepted by a jerk, who shined a weapon on me, destroying my body except my outer skin. He tried to put me on. I got away.Several days later, I was desperate. I was certain that I was going to die without a core. I found a person, who “felt nice.” Do or die time, I enveloped him. I was saved, he almost went insane. I can and do come off when he has to go to classes, or needs me-time. However, he has been great, allowing me the more than 12 hours a day blended time to stay alive.

We are struggling to both understand what our blendy partnership means, but more importantly, how to become independent.

Born and raised: Omaha, Nebraska.
Family: Mother. Father, brother, sister died ten years ago in an accident caused by a drunk.
Age 18
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: none of your business
Hair: fiery red, long past the shoulders
Eyes: bright green
measurements: 36 – 26 – 36 (men! is that all you ever want to know! oh yes, c cup)

Schooling: Public Schools in Omaha, third in class of 515.
Chess Club Captain, Lettered 2 years in Gymnastics. Went to state competition, placed but no ribbon.

Note from the omniscient One: Sarah Beth is only knowledgeable about what has happened so far. Corresponding nicely to Act 1 of the story.

Question by: Ratrilyn
What does it feel like when you don’t have a core?

You are so kind to ask. The topic freaks people out. Alex says I look like a double dose of upchucked Pepto Bismo. No warmth, no pulse, no gurgles. Just Silence. I cannot hear or see. I have no senses other than warmth, and limited response to pressure. I have an ability that allows me to “sense”when someone is near and roughly when they are good or bad. That is how I found Alex. Who saved me. Bottom line, Silence.

Question by: Ratrilyn
Does anyone else know what happened to you?

No. We are afraid of discovery by the person who caused this, or his friends. Everyone we know can not help. Even my mother.

Question by: Ratrilyn
Are you going to try to continue living your old life while using the core? If not, what will happen when everyone notices you’ve disappeared? Is someone continuing to pay rent on your apartment?

Right now, Alex is handling the outside chores. I came early to campus to get an apartment and a job. The job is out of the question. When blended, I made out a note to my old super saying I went home, just to keep the deposit. Three months rent for one week of use. Should make the owner happy.
Alex insists that I call Mom at least every other day and e-mail her daily. She keeps bugging me for a phone picture of this “Alexi” I am rooming with.

Question by: Ratrilyn
What happens when you want “me-time”?

Alex does not appear to be the warm and cuddly type. He does not have a need to be with me continuously when we are blended. When I do girly stuff, even when I watch OWN or Lifetime networks, he drops back. He is either napping or working on homework in the background. I can tell because his presence becomes a low “static.” I have to call him to come forward if I want companionship for meals, or to instruct him on how to be a woman. (In case I am somehow incapacitated, and he is still blended.)

Question by: Ratrilyn
What do you think would happen to you if Alex tried to get rid of you or dump you somewhere? Is this something you’ve ever been afraid of?

I have to think of it always. The first two days, I was constantly afraid. However, Alex has one of a kind aura. Something happened to Alex when we separated the end of the second day. When he signaled for us to reblend, and his aura was clearer, with fewer conflicts. As we have worked out our relationship over the past two weeks, his aura has gotten stronger. This is good. Those first two days, I thought that I would have to slough before he went insane. I did not have, and still do not have an alternative candidate.

Question by: Ratrilyn
What is your relationship with your mother like?

Very close. For ten years we only had each other. I withdrew after the accident. Mom had to carry my withdrawal and her pain. We talk about everything. It hurts me to the core that I can’t tell Mom about this whole freaked out shell thing. Have not brought it up to Alex, but maybe a Fall break visit to Omaha, when we get her drunk on her fav cognac …

Question by: Ratrilyn
Do you have any close friends?

No, I emotionally dropped out, as I mentioned. By the time I came back emotionally three years later, the cliques had changed, and they were all gushy airheads jockeying for who was the best at maintaining an illusion of being in control.

Question by: Ratrilyn
What is the worst part of your current situation?

…………………….. Sorry, had to blow my nose. Damn allergies, have me weeping. I hate being dependent. ….. sorry about the nose and weeping …. Alex is giving up half his life for me. It is not fair to him either. sorry, I will be back ….

Question by: Ratrilyn
Close your eyes and think about your happy place. Describe it to me.

In school, with a firm major, do not have one yet, hanging with great people like Alex.


Question by: Ek89027
Q: If you found a suitable mate/host/man and had to leave Alex behind how would you feel?

Sad. But we already know that we would not be good life mates. However, this is not to be until I become independent. Alex would be thrilled. I want to get Alex laid, it would do him a world of good. But I can’t do anything about that stuck here in the apartment.

Question by: Ek89027
Q: When you are in your “goo” form how fast can you move around?

Goo?? where did you get Goo?

Question by: Ek89027
Q: Does the man who turned you into a goo know who you are? (As in name? Or were you more of a victim of chance?)


Question by: Ek89027
Q: Do you have any friends and co-workers? Do they not find your sudden disappearance from the world strange?

Just arrived, I was getting vittles before unpacking. Alex insists that I call Mom. And I now e-mail and text old friends.

Quote by: Ek89027
Q: What do you think the man (who turned you into a goo) wanted to do with your body?  To feel like a woman? 

Goo? what is Goo? I think you are talking about my shell state. It stretches but only a little. Feel like a woman? Strange question, a bit creepy. As for greasy, he needed a disguise. He was scared of someone, someone dangerous.

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