#Matryoschka Girl in submittal

It occurred to me a little self-promotion wouldn’t be a bad thing. So all you #scifi #SFF #litagent here is the #query.


Matryoschka Girl draws on the imagery of the Russian nesting dolls, Matryoschka, to explain the relationship of the protagonists in this SciFi Novel. This is the first of four in the Matryoschka Heritage series. Click To Tweet

If they live separate lives, ALEX MONROE, 24, and SARAH MERK, 18, will die. To survive, they must live as one person — one body until they solve the mystery of who they really are.

ALEX lives with his guilt of not being mature enough at five years old to save his great-grandmother when she was attacked.  Two years ago, he and his squad couldn’t rescue three children caught in the crossfire of an ambush in Tikrit, Iraq. He’s committing suicide tonight to ensure his inadequacies never cause another death.

A shadowy agency kills SARAH on her first day as a freshman on campus. She refuses to remain dead,  regains control of her body and escapes capture. To survive, she needs a stranger’s LIVE BODY — Alex’s body — to sustain her by being her body, female, most of the hours of the day.  Alex must choose; finish his life or try to save someone one more time, even at the loss of his identity.

In their attempts to cope with their weird co-dependency in one body, they discover deep connections, going back generations. As a second grader, Sarah was damaged in an illicit experiment that made her aware of non-physical auras of the people around her. She ignored the ability and it faded away, and she forgot about it. Twenty years ago, Babushka, Alex’s great-grandmother, trained him to save her from a mysterious force but died before Alex was ready.

Coping with repeated attacks from their unknown enemy unleashes their OTHER, the energy entity which instinctively protects them. No one knows about the Other. Alex and Sarah die in an accident, forcing the Other into sentience.  It finds itself stuck in their combined body, fully female, fully sentient with a mission. It won’t rest until it recovers Alex and Sarah, even if it means its own death.  And while doing that, kill everyone who attacked Sarah and Alex.

Matryoschka Sarah draws on beliefs in personal responsibility, accountability for others, what is real, who are we really, and what are we here for. Matryoschka Sarah benefits from the crucible of Critique Circle and two weeks of the intensive Taos Toolbox 2015, with multiple Nebula/Hugo/Sturgeon winner Nancy Kress, and New York best seller Walter Jon Williams.

My professional papers and conference speeches cover esoteric sensors, wave theory, organizational theory, and how real organizations respond to what is now known as ‘black swan’ events. I served as director, chair, and secretary for national, non-profit, non-government (NGO) and international technology organizations. All these fold into the novel.

I’m seeking an agent who shares my enthusiasm for Science Fiction with a theme. Thanks so much, in advance, for your consideration. May I send you the complete Matryoschka Sarah manuscript?