Here is some #Amazon help

Okay, let’s get this straight. If you took up writing, either as a #vocation or #advocation, it probably was because you weren’t a people person. A slap a prospect on the back, the extra-firm handshake, or an unwaivering eyeball contact isn’t you.

Same here. In my alt-life, I’m an Engineer. Capital E because I’ve gone the extra thousand kilometers and got my license. Definitely not a people person. Engineers have layered coccoons around them to handle all that stuff. That’s what employers are for.

What about Writers? Unless you are the 0.015% who get a non-preditory publishing deal, you are on your own. There is some help in the first step: “What is the market?” Kindlepreneur and digital marketing nut gives you a deep dive into this, with you providing your thoughts. It provides the muscle to show show ‘marketable’ your WiP is.

Dave Cheesen gives free webinars, the most recent via @reedsy, on how to do all this for free. Trust me, unless you are an #infowhore, you will want to check Mr. Cheesen’s Kindlepreneur site.