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Were we ever there?

A twist on belly button gazing. Here is a discussion started by mitch haynes, and my mangle of it, while not #amwriting

Mitch Haynes >>
I’ve always wondered about the backstory of #Gilligan’s Island. Why did the professor, Mary-Ann, and Ginger each come alone for the three hour cruise? Why did the Howells have so much luggage and money with them? Was it a poor attempt to flee the country? How come the skipper never checked that day’s weather forecast? What kind of batteries were they using in that radio? This is how my mind works.

Meme mangler>>

That was explained in the final episode.
1. The Howells were Aliens, in skin suits fleeing Men In Black.
2. Ginger was an early model Android. Notice the difficulty in moving and talking. Ginger 2.0 came to the movies as Tomb Raider, Laura Croft.
3. Mary-Ann was a physics prof conducting illicit black hole experiments off shore using tour boats as cheap transport. This black hole created the hurricane and sucked the guts out of all the batteries. Oh, and turned him into a girl with large breasts.
4. The professor was a comedian, down in his luck. He boarded thinking the Minnow was the shuttle to his audition. ‘The Professor’ was one of his on-stage personas.
5. The island was the Pacific back door to the Bermuda Triangle.
6. Skipper was a member of the male equivalent of the “red hat club.’ In this case, the men wear red shirts. It was the red shirt that disrupted Mary-Ann’s experiments.
7. Gilligan. Never existed. He was the other’s mass delusion.