Reaching #GenZ

By now, you probably know that we live in a rural county reported being in the bottom 10% average family income for the USA. This generates issues with availability of public outreach to cover children at risk. Obviously, we have school districts that form the vital, and the traditional safety net for those who have homeless issues. Also, we have Child Protective Services, CPS, which works with the courts and law officers to extend the safety net.

This is fine and good, and there will always be those who call for more government control. As one politician once wrote, “It takes a village.”

Amari, above, was in the #BBBS, Big Brother, Big Sister system. This is voluntary, with the ‘back office,’ paper costs, etc. being supported by grants. He was 8 at the time we started together. Let’s be honest. I can be used as a model for a “bubba” poster. I took my time and we were finally connecting, via Church Picnics, delivering meals (Meals on Wheels), a nature museum, and even some fun stuff like the movie Battleship.

Then BBBS abandoned the county, and I was devastated.

It’s been five years, and I think I’m over the loss. I’ve applied to be a #CASA, court appointed special advocate for a child in this county.

No, I don’t think that the orchids will be offended.