Finally, a model for my Sarah Beth


You have seen my custom artwork for Sarah (before she becomes Sarah-Alex in Novel 1), Alex, Antonia, Katie, and Alexi. A read of my newsletters disclosed that all of my artists are #trans. Don’t dig for #PC intent. It isn’t there. I’m too pragmatic to let #PC keep me from the best available.

Now I have the start of a ‘look’ for Sarah Beth once she merged
with Alex. This is the Sarah Beth Merk who spends ten years as a freelance sniper looking for those who killed Alex in Matryoschka Daughters (novel 2), and continues through the next two novels.

Check out Elliott Sailors, model, @elliottsailors she’s tall enough, has the right look for bad-assed Sarah Beth Merk. When I get further along with my publishing, I’ll be looking for a digital artist to create, finally my Sarah Beth. (Don’t want to get afoul of Ms. Sailor’s image rights.)