#election #humor depletion zone #hdz

You have entered the #HDZ, Humor-Depletion-Zone.
You will not be able to return to #RL real life until 30 days after the #election.

By now, many of you have noticed that I like having fun with TB/HDZ folks.
( #TrueBelievers/Humor Depletion Zone) This season, both ends of the political spectrum seem to have issues with stepping back and laughing. Up to now, by my count, hard Rightists appear to be my fave fun-target, but they, as expected, laugh it off. (most of the time.) I’ve not had similar results on the other end of the TB spectrum.

To avoid falling into bad habits of baiting the most hardcore of the HDZs, I’m temporarily blocking those who are having issues. Nothing personal, just staying out of temptation. The blocks come off in 47 days.