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#Marshall, the Movie

You don’t see me recommending movies. “Marshall,” released this weekend, is the rare exception.  I’ve read uncomplimentary Critic reviews on the acting and direction. Ignore that if you want a) a great team-up in a tension movie and b) a clean interpretation of history. Like the movie Malcolm X, it gave me hope that the individual affects history as much as the reverse. Unlike the Malcolm X movie, it doesn’t spend the last 10 minutes literally shouting at you, telling you what the movie was about because you are obviously too stupid to “get it” without the shouting. However, also like Malcolm X, what you get out of it says more about who you are than what the movie is. I’m already seeing political spins that highjack the movie to foster despair. What is the obsession by people to create negativity, using any source? This is a hopeful movie and

about me

What would I do without a brag sheet, aka, About Me? I presumptuously write relationship novels and short stories that use Science Fiction tropes and memes, with a soupçon of literary fiction. I’ve had the good fortune to have had artists worldwide respond to the themes and characters of my excerpts. This one is from a Spanish Artist. I have had others from exotic locations such as Scotland, Anchorage, Brussels.

#ownvoices #literaryfiction

100% Native American Authors.  The @kenyonreview does special quarterlies from time to time. This issue was 100% Native American authors.  There have been others, and I’ll keep checking my notes. It’s vague if there is an electronic version for sale. They have had eMags since 2008? At least that is how long my e-mail history shows me asking why they restrict their readership by using a proprietary method accessible to maybe 10% of the market. Unlike all the other literary eMags, their consistent response has been “Let them eat (Apple) Cake.”

@diannaroy Tender Dance #BookReview

@diannaroy ‘s Romance novel Tender Dance hits it out of the park. The independently financed Ballet Troup has one free night before their Chicago (and World) Premier. What do the younger members do? In a memorable scene, they break out into a spontaneous homage to the play/movie “Chicago.” One of the most touching scenes I’ve ever read. Raw Joy bursting from pages. Olivia/Livi’s life has been one of personal tragedy. Complicating her search for fulfillment as a professional dancer.  Previously, she left her failures behind, including estrangement from her family, and an out of wedlock child behind to find fulfillment in dance. She returns with a boyfriend, Returning from a scripted reality program based on dancing, she leverages her celebrity to find and interact (illegally) with her child, and re-establish her life in the local dance scene. However, her celebrity hinders instead facilitates reconciliation with her family. This comes tumbling down

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I posted the kick-start Unfortunately, it didn’t finish, and you have a short term opportunity to get on board with this ambitious book. Of course, each level of support brings more and more goodies. Here it is.

Bring The Fettered Flame to Print!

The first book in this series, The Banished Craft, by E.D.E. Bell was a surprise in the landscape of me-too urban/contemporary #fantasy. It plays back to classical high fantasy but with sensitivity to issues we face in the real world. Characters are well drawn, and supporting characters have meaning of their own. Some supporting characters push the protagonists forward, others withdraw support. In all, a fine read and my only Five Star review in years. What about the next book of the Series? The Fettered Flame? Here is your chance for you to get in on the ground floor. E.D.E. Bell has released the trailer for the sequel to The Banished Craft, see my review , as part of a Kickstarter campaign that runs through the month of October. Supporting this Kickstarter campaign supports indie writing by raising the funds needed for professional quality editing and illustration. And don’t worry if you have not yet