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#flood disaster

Hurricane #Harvey here in Texas, up to 4 feet! got me looking. I was looking for the stone flood wall at #Piesport, Germany. We were there, and took pictures 1987. Anyone having a photo, it’s on the north shore of the Mosel. This one is of a wall in Passau , Germany.  

We’ve always DUNG it this way

Ever have a disaster with a bank, credit card company, or the ‘trustee’ of your retirement account? Ever have the same disaster, for three weeks with the company that was all three? Ever have your credit drop 100 points because of a screw up that you had no control over? Yep, more #amwriting muse for my I just went through this. All my money was in ‘limbo,’ with no ability to write checks, pay bills, and previous checks were bouncing. Nothing formal like a ‘hold,’ or ‘pending xxx.’ I’ve cleared it up by forcing, yes, forcing, a Federal Reserve wire transfer of everything to a commercial bank that at least is up to date, for the previous decade. All this reminds me of an old parable, offered here below.

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