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#Marshall, the Movie

You don’t see me recommending movies. “Marshall,” released this weekend, is the rare exception.  I’ve read uncomplimentary Critic reviews on the acting and direction. Ignore that if you want a) a great team-up in a tension movie and b) a clean interpretation of history. Like the movie Malcolm X, it gave me hope that the individual affects history as much as the reverse. Unlike the Malcolm X movie, it doesn’t spend the last 10 minutes literally shouting at you, telling you what the movie was about because you are obviously too stupid to “get it” without the shouting. However, also like Malcolm X, what you get out of it says more about who you are than what the movie is. I’m already seeing political spins that highjack the movie to foster despair. What is the obsession by people to create negativity, using any source? This is a hopeful movie and

Why am I reading this?

Because we’re gonna have fun! The main reason people read Newsletters and Blogs is that they like to connect. Blog readers are fascinated by glimpses into different lifestyles, homes, hobbies, and points of view. Blogs offer insight into everyday lives, how it feels to be that person, and to live that life. Besides: “A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.” Roy H. Williams.  You can count on me to expose my…mistakes. So, let’s connect! I’m Terry Gene, a writer of novels and short stories. You can get specifics on the tabs above. But, why do you want to read this newsletter? Mostly for the fun of watching a quirky mind at work. Of course, there will be giveaways, aka bribes. I’ll post stuff like: Curious findings from my

The 360 evaluation cupcake

To be honest, I can’t ever remember a #performance evaluation that I could use to # improve my performance.  However, it did keep large numbers of staff staff and consultants happily employed. About every 5 – 7 years, we added more consultants and staff to disassemble the current system and install the next best-ever performance management fad.  I say this as an MBA, from an accredited university, with an emphasis in organization effectiveness. For that reason, I loved this spotlight on performance evaluations: It’s a Good Thing Some People Don’t Like You. Two fails in people-friendly evaluations are the ‘sandwich’ and the ‘3-2-1’ evaluation. The sandwich evaluation assumes that if you front and end load with praise, then the evaluation target will absorb the ‘helpful’ advice and judgement in the middle. In my experience on both sides of the evaluation was that this only builds tension and dread. Be the time

The Niggardly Zerk

The Aliens ululated on the poop deck. My father never finished high school. In his senior year, during World War II, he volunteered for the Navy. After his enlistment, he came home and went directly into the workforce. He liked reading technical and how-to books, and built many things, including three houses, four large garages/barns and a boat. My mother bought encyclopedias, one volume at a time, at the grocery store. I’ve always liked words. My parents ensured that I always had dictionaries. I’m told that at age 3 I giggled over picture dictionaries. At the age of ten or so, while browsing the used book store, I found something called a thesaurus. The thesaurus was my downfall. Every time I found an unfamiliar word in the thesaurus, I would check the dictionary for its correct meaning. Thus, I fell in love with trying to find the right word for

#ILookLikeAnEngineer, decades later.

How did we get so MEAN? Sounding like the spit and chaw crowd on the courthouse steps: It was never like this before. Decades ago, we had had strong, vehement positions. We were the first generation to try to work and play well with others who didn’t think, act, and look like us. We made many mistakes. We had #protests that afterward we could only be admitted to have been over nothing useful. We stuck to our positions even when they clearly were mistaken. Some protests went violent, to the horror of the non-violent.  .. The good we tried to emulate included the willingness to listen to others. We would fill auditoriums to listen to, and catcall, controversial speakers. We would turn our backs when an athlete accused of sexual assault ran onto the field. We believed that we were the voice of the future. The future of tolerance, enlightenment, and