about me

What would I do without a brag sheet, aka, About Me?

I presumptuously write relationship novels and short stories that use Science Fiction tropes and memes, with a soupçon of literary fiction.

I’ve had the good fortune to have had artists worldwide respond to the themes and characters of my excerpts. This one is from a Spanish Artist. I have had others from exotic locations such as Scotland, Anchorage, Brussels.

Why Science Fiction? #SCI FI #SF? All speculative fiction peels away that sticky stuff that holds our perceptions of reality together. When you challenge the nature of time, matter, and energy, you have the opportunity to pull the reader into challenge their perceptions about themselves. (It should be no surprise that Rachel Swirsky says it better.)

My novels so far are contained in the Matryoschka.com cycle, four so far. My short stories are in either the “Solipsism Universe” or ‘Second Act Universe.”relationship novels and short stories that use Science Fiction tropes and memes Click To Tweet

Yeh, that’s me at the Louvre.

Formal training includes graduate MS English curriculum. I paid to add these (aka over-credited) to my full Engineering degree, BSEE. I still graduated in four years.  Somehow, it was important to skip the pabulum of the 100-400 numbered English courses and get to the meat.

In my career, following encouragement not to write for a living, I prepared NGO, International, ITU-T, ATM Forum, WINTech technical specifications and multi-national standards. The smallest was 500 pages. somewhere around then, I wrote several military manuals.  I wish I had kept them, only to brag that I have the largest door stops in the writer’s club. My various employers found it helpful to send me to writing courses. My first with in my first year with the US Army Chemical core.

Paralleling this, I never scratched the itch to publish, and created over 300 blogs, many before the term ‘blog’ existed. I’m mining these for ‘fresh’ material. In 2004, scratching the itch with a hay fork, I submitted and was accepted in four journals or conference proceedings. Got me to Cancun, which I don’t recommend.

More recently, I’ve kept the tip of the fountain pen flowing. The two-week Taos Toolbox with Walter and Kress provided significant questioning on what I want to write. FenCon’s Writer’s Workshop with Ms. Swirsky exposed me to what narratives need. Also, many, many on-line and off-line courses, including James Patterson’s Master Class.

I guess that I’m one of the strange writer’s that enjoy questioning finished work, editing, and revising to capture the essence for the enjoyment of the reader.

Non-writing professional experiences include work in chemical warfare, cruise missiles, nuclear reactors, international wireless standards, and military secured communications. Much of this bleeds into my writing.

Topics that I’m researching and interest me randomly appear in my Twitter and matryoschka.com blog. This has surprisingly turned into a modest platform, nudging 2000 readers.

In this fractured society, I’ve stopped blogging about anything that can be used to declare “I’m offended.” The controversy is contained in my fiction. You will have to pay to be offended. {*}

What am I interested in?

  1. A ‘tribe’ like what I see in the blogs and conference speeches. A mutual support group for what may be the worst affliction known, writing. Hopefully without any 12 steps.
  2. Beta readers. I love to exchange beta reads, almost all genres. My restriction has to do with my lack of connection with some genres, e.g. erotica. When I force evaluation when I’m not engaged, I sound like an MFA literary deconstruction.
  3. An Editor with proven track record in Science Fiction, who lives its tropes, memes, and literary devices.