@diannaroy Tender Dance #BookReview

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@diannaroy ‘s Romance novel Tender Dance hits it out of the park.

The independently financed Ballet Troup has one free night before their Chicago (and World) Premier. What do the younger members do? In a memorable scene, they break out into a spontaneous homage to the play/movie “Chicago.” One of the most touching scenes I’ve ever read. Raw Joy bursting from pages.

Olivia/Livi’s life has been one of personal tragedy. Complicating her search for fulfillment as a professional dancer.  Previously, she left her failures behind, including estrangement from her family, and an out of wedlock child behind to find fulfillment in dance. She returns with a boyfriend,

Returning from a scripted reality program based on dancing, she leverages her celebrity to find and interact (illegally) with her child, and re-establish her life in the local dance scene. However, her celebrity hinders instead facilitates reconciliation with her family. This comes tumbling down in less than a day when sensational headline appears concerning her love child.

She leaves again, this time to join a touring Ballet troupe in a starring role. She’s admittedly the least qualified of the ballerinas.

no spoilers here…buy the book